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Here is an overview of the most common help topics. Click on any of the section headings in the right hand column for more information.

General Enquiries

What do I need to buy glasses online ?

You'll need a valid prescription after a professional Eye test – anytime within the last 2 years is valid – you are legally entitled to a written copy of your prescription. Be sure to ask for your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement as well, you'll need that for your prescription lenses.

Choose your favourite frames from our selection.

Upload your prescription or enter your prescription details using our online form, email/fax. Pay for your order and wait for your glasses to be delivered to your front door.

What type of glasses do I need ?

Your Optometrist will tell you what type of corrective eyeglasses you need during your eye exam but generally speaking

If you have problems seeing distant objects you should select Distance – Single Vision. (Your prescription should have “-” values eg -2.50)

If you difficulties reading small print you should select Reading – Single Vision. (Your prescription should have “+” values eg +1.50)

If you have problems reading a computer screen, select Computer – Intermediate.(Your prescription should have “+” values eg +1.50)

If you problems with Distance and close-up, then select Progressive, Bifocal or Trifocal as advised by your Optical doctor. (Your prescription should have “-” and “+” values eg -1.00 and +2.00)

Frames and Lenses

Can I buy non-prescription Reading glasses ?

Yes you can, just select Readers (OTC) in the ADD LENSES part of the process and all you need to provide is the necessary magnification (e.g. +1.00). You can also choose thinner lenses and add a tint if you would like to read in the sun.

Can I order glasses with clear lenses – as fashion accessories ?

Yes you can, just select Fashion in the ADD LENSES part of the process and you're all set. You can also choose thinner lenses and add a tint if you would like to wear them in the sun !

Can I buy prescription sunglasses online ?

Yes you can, just select Sunglasses in the main dropdown menu and choose Prescription Sunglasses. You can also transform your prescription glasses into sunglasses by adding a tint.

Understanding your Prescription

How do I send my prescription ?

You can upload your prescription, email or fax it to us. You can also enter your details manually using our online form. If you need help, call us on 1-800-CHAT-2US or e-mail us at or via Live Chat and we'll be happy to help.

How do I read my prescription ?

Prescriptions are generally all written in a similar format although the information can sometimes be presented in a slightly confusing manner, particularly handwritten ones.

To place an order with us, you need to select ADD LENSES after you have chosen your frame, then select the type of corrective lenses you wish to buy before filling in your prescription details.

There are several options available and we have given examples of how to enter the details in our Order process for each scenario - in general, your Optician will have told you what type of prescription you need when you have your Eye Exam (for example, Distance or Progressive) but if you are unsure then don't hesitate to contact us and we can help you out.

If you're only order Fashion glasses then you don't need a prescription. Similarily if you want non-prescription Readers (OTC) then you'll only need to provide the required magnification.

We've provided some typical examples of prescriptions along with explanations of how you would enter these on our prescription page. 

Example 1a: Distance – Single Vision prescription

There are several distinct cases for when you would choose Distance - Single Vision.

Simple Rx Example

would be entered as

Our Rx - Simple Example

Example 1b: Distance - Single Vision Prescription with ADD values

Multifocal Example

If your prescription has ADD figures as above (which may also be markes as Near Add or only Near), which are normally seen in prescriptions for people aged over 45 and relate to the need for increased magnification for reading close up small print, but you only wish to buy glasses for Distance Vision then select Distance - Single Vision and simply ignore the ADD figures when you are entering your prescription as below:

Our Rx - Simple Example

However, if you ONLY wish to use your glasses for close-up reading then you should select the Reading - Single Vision option and provide all the details, including the ADD

If, on the other hand, we wish to have both Distance and close-up correction then you should select a Multi-focal option - Progressive, Bifocal or Trifocal.

Example 2: Reading - Single Vision

This prescription could also be for Multifocals, but if you ONLY want single vision glasses for reading close-up then select Reading - Single Vision and the following:

Multifocal Example

would be entered as

Multifocal Prescription

Example 3: Computer - Intermediate

Computer - Int - sample Prescription

Your Optician may recommend Single Vision corrective lenses for Computer Use. These prescriptions are similiar to the Reading - Single Vision prescription in that they have an ADD field but the prescription will be marked INT (Intermediate) instead of Near then you select Computer - Intermediate and enter the prescription as follows:

Multifocal Prescription

Example 4: Multifocal Prescriptions –
Progressive, Bifocal or Trifocal.

The multifocal/varifocal prescriptions correct for distance and also for closer-up readings so it is important clearly indicate as part of the order process that you wish multifocal lenses as these are more complex than single vision lenses. For information on which multifocal lens to choose see Choosing the Right Type of Glasses

In the following example, the multifocal prescription that the patient is short-sighted (myopic) for distant objects but also need a correction for reading close up (presbyopic).Multifocal Example

would be entered as

Multifocal Prescription

Example 5: Readers (OTC) - non-prescription reading glasses

You don't need a prescription for these, just enter the desired magnification as below:

Readers (OTC) - Power

Example 6: Prescription with Prism Values

Certain prescriptions required Prism Values in order for the Optometrist to be able to mount the lenses correctly. They are normally not present on a prescription and you do not need to include them but, as in the following example, they are:

Prism Values Example

would be entered as

Our Prism Values example

PD (Pupillary Distance)

What is PD (Pupillary Distance) ?

PD (Pupillary Distance) is the the distance between the center of the pupils.

Do I need to know my PD to order online ?

Yes you do. In order to make your glasses as accurate as possible we need to be able to align the center of each lens with the center of your pupils. An accurate PD provides us with that detailed information.

A PD is not required for Fashion lenses (Clear) or for Readers (OTC) lenses – over the counter glasses for magnification purposes only.

My PD isn't on my Prescription ?

Unfortunately many Opticians do not include the PD on the prescription they give to the patient. You can ask the optician during you test for your PD or you can use a PD from a previous test – for Adults the PD is fixed and does not change as you age.

You can use our average PD measurement (which is around 63mm for Men and 60mm for Women) although it may create problems for some patients. If you have a stronger prescription (SPH > 4.00) then an accurate PD is very important. It's essential for Multifocal/Progressive lenses.

Can I measure my PD myself ?

Yes you can, although we recommend you have it measured professionally we have provided a guide here Measuring your PD


What payment methods do you accept

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Amazon Payment Services

Are your payments page secure

Yes. We used the highest level encryption payment process to ensure the safety of all your transactions.

Delivery and Shipping

Shipping/Delivery Charges

We offer free shipping on all our orders.

Delivery Times

We make every effort to ensure that our eyeglasses are delivered as quickly as possible once we are satisfied that the quality is 100%.

For up-to-date information as to the timing of our deliveries. See Delivery Times for more details.


What if I want to return my glasses

We're confident that our quality assurance procedures and attention to detail will mean that you'll be very happy with your new pair of glasses and, if appropriate, that the prescriptions details entered on your order will be accurate.

Nevertheless, if for some reason you're not entirely happy you are entitled to a no questions asked refund when you return your glasses within 30 days of delivery.

See Our Returns Policy for more details.


I entered some information on my order incorrectly

We can correct your prescription if you contact us within 24 hours. Either call us on 1-800-CHAT-2US or e-mail us at or via Live Chat.

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